What is your life rank?

Many people dont know how they are looked at. Some people really do not care. Life ranks from others can be help for what you do with and to others. Listen to the quiz.

What is YOUR rank in life. All the time, have you wondered "what do others see me as" and wasnt able to get yourself to ask? Ask here! Where you won't have to get a direct complaint! Answer an easy 13 questions!

Created by: Matthew

  1. You see someone you normally see around sad after failing a quiz, what is your response?
  2. YOur crush just came up and asked you out, how do you respond.
  3. Your best friend is severly injured after an ignorant stunt. What do you do to help.
  4. You come across a weapon righ before the school day begins, and some would think its funny to bring it in. What would you do?
  5. 10 x 10=
  6. Someone is accused of something, though you do not know them. What do you then think of them?
  7. You have never been so embarrased in your whole entire life. Who do you tell this story to first?
  8. Your two best friends are fighting, what do you do?
  9. You're not sure what activity for you and your friends to do. Out of these, what do you choose?
  10. You just took a quiz! What will you do if you get a good score?
  11. You accidently nod off in English class. Your teacher flips out. What do you say?
  12. How do react to a mean comment?

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Quiz topic: What is my life rank?