what is your immortal talent?

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There are various talents in the Immortal world. The 5 main ones are invisibility, lightning, sand, teleporting, and shapeshifting. You learn a little bit of the places and people in this quiz.

I hope you really get the answers you were expecting because I hope you enjoyed this quiz. It took me forever to complete this quiz and I had all of these distractions to complete this quiz.

Created by: i am 22345

  1. An alien army of 1,000 from another planet called Aqyusa is invading the Immortal World. What do you use?
  2. You go to an Immortal training academy in The Core (Element continent) what is your first class?
  3. You continue your training in Antistopale, a school in the Angel continent. You pass Healing! how do you celebrate?
  4. You go to a training class in Shiloh, a college in the Traka Peninsula located in the Shadow continent. You have a test on strength. Do you think you will pass?
  5. You continue your training in Dai-Saque, a foreign class in the Demon continenrt. You learn Mortiis an ancient language and you fail the class! How do you react?
  6. Your last adventure as Pre-Immortal bender ends in Angelo Island at Goku City. You make friends with the governers daughter Jazmalina. What things do you do together when you are done with training?
  7. As you travel the world, you find a path to the Heavans in Quabet in the Angel continent. You meet the Sky Prince, Aero. What do you do then?
  8. Are you ready to find out what talent you have?
  9. What do you think you got?
  10. Here it goes:

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Quiz topic: What is my immortal talent?