What is Your Ideal SPort

Sports require many things, but they all require effort and enjoyment. If you don't like the sport and don't want to play it, you will never be as good as you could be. Playing sports is a great way to meet new people, stay in shape, and just have a good time.

What sports do you play? What sports do You want to play? What sport is for you? These questions will all be answered with just 12 quick questions, so just take a couple minutes to find out what sport is ideal for YOUR life!

Created by: Pay
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a quick thinker?
  2. Do you have strong arms?
  3. Are you fast on your feet, sprinting back and forth?
  4. Can you run for a long time?
  5. Do you like to stay inside or outside?
  6. What is your ideal vacation?
  7. Are you a good listener?
  8. When you are in the classroom, where would you want to sit?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. What is your personality?

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