What is your gender?

So at the beginning I would like to say, that I´m defnetly not a therapist and this test is base on my (and my friends´) experiences, and also, if you think that you are trans (mtf or ftm) or if you are intersex, I didn´t have enough opsions to include you here so I made another test for you, it´s cald What is your gender(part 2).

And plese, ignore my miss spells plese. I´m not native English speaker so it is really likely that I will make some. Anyway I hope that you will enjoy the test.

Created by: NonbinaryMax
  1. The first question, what do you think is your gender? (I know, that if you know answer to this question you woudn´t taking this test, but plese try your best)
  2. Alright so now, what of these pronouns feel to be right to use while referring you? If it is for example sometimes she/her and someties they/them plese choose she/her or they/them.
  3. And now, how do you feel about your body?
  4. So how often do you feel like a female?(if you were born as a mal, plese press X)
  5. How often do you feel like a man(if yo werre born female plese press X)
  6. When you have to use public bathrooms, and there are only female and male ones, in which of them you go?
  7. How would you like to change your name. Btw do you see all the Xs?
  8. In which section you mostly shopping for clothes?
  9. What do you do, when someone miss proouns you?
  10. And the last question, do you want to see your results?

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Quiz topic: What is my gender?