what is your geek name?

a geek is not always a person who sits around playing video games all day. but, that is the motivated definition so that is what my quiz is based apon.

if you play(ed) video games all day, what would be the best name to define you? and WARNING most of the names are male nicknames and one contains hints of bad language

Created by: wyatt
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. would you rather play:
  2. if your computer freezes or shuts down in the middle of a game what would you do?
  3. in a game would you rather...
  4. which would you choose in a game?
  5. what animal would you have assist you in a fight?
  6. if you could choose how to spend your night on a video game, how would you do it?
  7. you find a potion and go to drink it, what do u want to turn into?
  8. if you had to spend the day with one person in your family, who would it be?
  9. where do you like to be on your computer at?
  10. you have a gun, and you have to shoot someone close to you, who do u shoot?

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Quiz topic: What is my geek name?