What is your fairy element ?

There are smart people out there who know they want to be fairies. So just take my quiz and you will know what it is.So if u see changes just comment me.

are you a genius?Do u have what it takes to master the arts of fairies?Find out there on my quiz.You can study them and master them too,plus I will give u hints to mastering fairy arts.

Created by: fabloussjj

  1. What is your favorite color
  2. What do u do for fun ?
  3. Why do you want to be a fairy.
  4. Which is your favorite holiday
  5. Do u watch the Winx
  6. Will you study your powers
  7. U can actually become a fairy,so when u transform will u take care of your wings
  8. Have u seen a fairy ?
  9. Do u like the quiz ?
  10. Will u comment me if u discover something

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Quiz topic: What is my fairy element ?