What is your element?

In Feng Shui, the five element theory is used to determine which element is dominant or deficient in a space. Used as guides, the five elements can help you make positive adjustments to your space according to your needs. The result is a balanced environment that heals and nurtures.

In the human body, all five elements are represented in a person's makeup, although one or more may be dominant. The manifestation of the elements visible in the body's constitution, coloration, facial features, character traits, and habitual behavior. The elements can be used as a tool to balance any disharmony. The first step to using the five element theory is to understand how each element manifests itself.

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  1. Are you religious, Smart, Kind, Courteous or Trustful?
  2. Are you faithful, wise, steady, eloquent?
  3. Are you gallant, frank, sympathy-sharing, polite or loyal?
  4. Are you chivalrous, resourceful, understanding, expressive or responsible?
  5. Do you lack Metal or have excess Metal?
  6. Do you lack Water or have excess Water?
  7. do you lack air or have excess air?
  8. Do you lack Fire or have excess Fire?
  9. Do you lack Earth or have excess Earth?
  10. Do you like blue, green, red, brown or white?

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