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  • Hey it's me, DragonzEye! I created this quiz! Hope you just loved it! Sorry if you didn't get the result u wanted! Please rate and post a comment.

    please join STN (stop teddy now). its ridiculous and idiotic, not to mention annoying. and its not real-if you believe those lies you should get to a doctor or something. if you hate the teddy chain letter, post this around!

  • Air, YAY! I always felt like the wind is my friend.. I LOVE nature, and all these elements are part of it, so I like how you didn't reduce nature-lovers to earth only like a lot of other quizzes. TEN STARS, BOOKMARKED, AND SHARED!

  • YEAH on the zodiac im water so it makes sense

  • i like pie... o ya nd i got fire yay ha! whooo hooo! oh right!!!


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