What is your element?

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Everyone has an element, and is a big part of your life. The main elements are wind, fire, earth and water. Which one is best? No one knows. What do you think?

After you've thought about which one you think you are, take this quiz, and see your true self. Do you have a hot temper, a powerful force, or a tiny droplet of water?

Created by: EmthelRackem
  1. You would prefer to ____ in your spare time
  2. A school dance. What colour do you wear.
  3. You see a post that is seriously misspelled. You respond with..
  4. You have to draw a scene in art. What do you draw?
  5. Your biggest worry is..
  6. Your best friend is being bullied, you...
  7. Your average grade is..
  8. You get a test, your first reaction is:
  9. A beggar is in the street. You decide to make a donation.
  10. You'd rather watch the:

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Quiz topic: What is my element?