What is your body somatotype?

Would you like to know your body somatotype? It's important to know for diet and exercise purposes. Health is super important, so is this quiz so be sure you pay attention to the questions and answers!

Disclaust remember that you are wonderful and beautiful no matter your somatotype. All bodies are beautiful no matter what! Be sure to treat your awesome body well. :)

Created by: RLD

  1. I am:
  2. My bone structure is:
  3. My body tends to:
  4. As a child, I was:
  5. My activity level is:
  6. My body shape is:
  7. Grab your wrist with your other hand.
  8. When it comes to my weight, I...
  9. I am hungry:
  10. People tell me I:

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Quiz topic: What is my body somatotype?