What instrument are you most like?

Hey everyone, ready to take another quiz of mine. Here you go, this quiz is based on music so for all of you musicians please take this quiz and see what you get!

Hey you made it to the second paragraph, good for you. I am not giving any pointers this time so be prepared because what you get is what you get or is it?

Created by: mayabby

  1. In one word, describe your personality?
  2. How are you today?
  3. Do you have any fears ( next questions have no effect on score)?
  4. Do you love animals?
  5. What is your favorite pet?
  6. If you answered none to the last question, shame on you!
  7. Do you believe in monsters?
  8. Will you rate this quiz?
  9. Will you share this quiz?
  10. Last question!

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Quiz topic: What instrument am I most like?