What IceCream are you

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This was made in a day not that great but I tried what did you get o got strawberry yummy it's an amazing flavor Oh sorry for saying my opinion a lot I will try not to next time

This quiz was made for sun and not to disappoint you if you get a flavor you dislike than I am sorry but I true do my best. This is my first quiz so it might not be amazing but I tried hard

Created by: Samalama

  1. What's your favorite food
  2. You see a plate of fruit you..
  3. What do you think would be the best nickname
  4. Ice cream or other desert
  5. Do you have a pet
  6. What do you watch t.v on
  7. Do you enjoy taking quizzes
  8. What do you call yourself
  9. What's your favorite video game
  10. Are you shy or outgoing

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Quiz topic: What IceCream am I