What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

There are many flavors of icecream, some even unheard of. There is popular vanilla, crazy chocolate, sweet sherbert, and lonley strawberry. BTW I am known for my quiz "I can Guess your gender :)" which, as of right now, is #10 on Top 40 Quizzes :D

What flavor of Icecream are YOU? Are you popular? Which would be vanilla. Are you fun and active which hints at chocolate? Or are you sweet like sherbert? Possibly lonely like unpopular strawberry? Find out in this awesome 21 question quiz!

Created by: Ali

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  1. Part One: Family/Friends
  2. You have __ female sibling(s).
  3. You have __ male sibling(s).
  4. You're parents are _____.
  5. You have __ friend(s).
  6. You have __ aquantice(s).
  7. People describe you as _____.
  8. Part Two: Basics
  9. Your favorite color is _____.
  10. Your birth month is _____.
  11. You hate when _____.
  12. You like to write with _____.
  13. Your favorite band is _____.
  14. Part Three: "Pick One"s
  15. Pick A Smiley!
  16. Pick A Word!
  17. Pick A Letter!
  18. Pick A Number!
  19. Comment And/Or Rate?

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Quiz topic: What Flavor Ice Cream am I?