what icarly character are you?

Icarly a popular comedy show. But the question is which character are you?!? You could be Spencer,Carly,Freddie or even Sam! And thanks to this quiz you can find out!

Do you like Icarly? Do you want to know whick character you are. You can find out with this quiz. Who knows you could be just like your favourite character!

Created by: Eoin Kenny

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do like to eat very often?
  2. are you creative?
  3. are you good with tecnacle stuff?
  4. Do you have good grades?
  5. Are you a good liar?
  6. do you ever cheat on tests?
  7. are you enjoying this quiz?
  8. Who is your favourite iCARLY character?
  9. do you like shopping?
  10. will you rate and comment on the next page?(no afect)

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Quiz topic: What icarly character am I?