What House of Anubis Charictor are you?

ARe you a House of anubis Fan? if arn't you dieing to know what charictor you are most like? I am take this quiz to see if you are Amber, Nina, Fabin, Alfie or someone else

Are you, Alfie? Are you, Amber? Are you, Nina? Are you, Eddie? Are you, Fabin? Are you, Jermoe? Are you, Mara? Are you, Joy? Take this quiz to find out who you are.

Created by: fabina

  1. You Have big test coming up what do you do?
  2. Something paranormal is happing what do you do?
  3. How do you spend your free time?
  4. You find out Sweet is Eddie's Dad you...
  5. The Blogger computition is coming up you...
  6. You get to a clue you can't solve you...
  7. What is your favroite Mashup?
  8. Do you watch Hoa Everyday
  9. What season was better
  10. Do you think there will be a season three?

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Quiz topic: What House of Anubis Charictor am I?