what horse should you ride at old coach farm RI

if you ride at old coach farm or are going to but don't know who to ride this will most defintely help you and you and you!!!!!!

these horses are all great and hopefully you'll find your favorite and perfuct match for horse.

Created by: m
  1. what style of riding do you wnat to do?
  2. what work do you want to do in your lesson?
  3. If you get to choose wich horse you can ride which do you ride?
  4. would you rather do lessons and some showing, lessons and trail rides, or just plain lessons?
  5. how would you rate your self as a rider?
  6. how long have you been riding?
  7. if your a horse and someone is riding you and a loud noise is heard what do you do?
  8. while being tacked up(your the horse) something your rider does scares or upsets you what do you do?
  9. what color horse would you want to ride?
  10. do you ever want to own a horse?

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Quiz topic: What horse should I ride at old coach farm RI