What horse breed is right for you?

I made this quiz so you woudn't have to worry about what horse breed to get. There are breeds from Germany, Denmark, the USA and other places listed, and breeds that are good at western, english and driving disciplines listed.

I have been riding horses for almost 3 years and can walk, trot, canter, and do small jumps at the trot. I know all about horses from just being around them and looking them up on the web or in a book. The results have the horse breed and it's disciplines and temperament listed. Which is right for you?

Created by: Sam
  1. Do you want a horse over 16 hands?
  2. Do you want a horse under 16 hands?
  3. Do you want a breed that is good at english events?
  4. Do you want a breed that is good at western events?
  5. Do you want a hot blood?
  6. Do you want a warmblood?
  7. Do you want a spirited breed?
  8. Do you want a calm breed?
  9. Do you want a breed that is good in the harshest weather?
  10. Do you want a husky (muscle wise) horse?
  11. Do you want a lean horse?

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