What horrid henry character are you?

I am a massive fan of horrid henry and I thought that this quiz would be fun! My family actually call me horrid henry cos i'm excactly like him! Hahaha!

Remember this quiz is just for fun and please enjoy it! I hope you take the time to rate it and a good comment! Hope you like my quiz and reccomend it!

Created by: Zia blackwood

  1. Is your homework usally in on time?
  2. What's your behavior at school like?
  3. Your favorite colour is......
  4. Your hidden talent.....
  5. Your favorite food is......
  6. Have you ever had a detention?
  7. Are you nice to your siblings?
  8. Does your family annoy you?
  9. Uhh great more homework,whats your reaction?
  10. Finally,do you like horrid henry?

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Quiz topic: What horrid henry character am I?