What High School Describes My Style?

There are many high schools out there, but three that are completely different from eachother. Villa Joseph Marie, Holy Ghost Prep, and Council Rock. If you're a Villa girlie, you eat all the time. And you wear ribbons in your hair all the time. Ghost guys like the Villa girls and don't mind going to school with all guys. Council Rock teens spend their morning getting ready for school and making sure they look good.

Do you think you are a Villa Girlie or a Ghost Guy, or maybe even a Council Rock teen? Take this quiz to find out. Answer all of the questions truthfully, and you are sure to be placed in the correct school. :)

Created by: brit
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  1. Do you wear ribbons in your hair when it is up?
  2. Would you rather have 400 students in your school, or 1400?
  3. Do you care if there are only guys or only girls in your school?
  4. If you were caught hanging out with a Naz girl, your friends would...
  5. About how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  6. Do you care if you have to wear a uniform?
  7. What is your average grade?
  8. Do you think that doing your homework is important?
  9. When you have time to wear whatever you want, without caring, you wear...
  10. Do you love food?

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