What Hermes bag are you?

What does your personality tell about you? Perhaps you're the elusive Birkin, or the classic Kelly? Or maybe you're the affable Evelyn or the chic Lindy.

You won't know until you take the quiz, so Hermes lovers, this one's for you! I hope you get as much enjoyment in taking it as I had creating it (please don't throw tomatoes at me if you don't get the bag you want ;)

Created by: Howard
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your style is:
  2. Your favorite shoes are:
  3. Your jeans are:
  4. You most often stay at a:
  5. In a bag, you look for:
  6. Your favorite RTW designer is:
  7. Your car is most like a:
  8. Your job is:
  9. Your style icon is:
  10. How many large-scale (over $2K) Hermes bags do you own?

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Quiz topic: What Hermes bag am I?