What Harry Potter Character do you look like?

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This quiz will let you know who you look like in the Harry Potter movie! Will you be Hermione Granger with bushy hair? Will you be Harry with glasses?

Be honest and the truth will fly upon you! Don't be so sad about the results! NO NEGATIVITY IS IN THE RESULTS! This is for fun! PLEASE ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL AND AMAZING QUIZ!!!

Created by: Jimin Kim
  1. Are you a girl or a boy?
  2. Do you wear glasses?
  3. What is your hair texture? Pick the closest answer.
  4. What do you not like about your face?
  5. What is your hair color?
  6. Eye color?
  7. What is your eye shape?
  8. Skin tone color?
  9. Nose shape?
  10. What house are you in?
  11. Who do you THINK you are going to be? This doesn't affect results.

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter Character do I look like?