What guardians of the galaxy character are you ?

I recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy and that is how I came up with the topic . This is my first quiz , so please tell me what you think about it .

Are you ready for this quiz ? Well good luck . I hope you get the one you want. Please be honest on here , if you want the most accurate answers . Enjoy .

Created by: jellybabies
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What superpower or ability would you like best ?
  2. Who is your least favorite character ?
  3. Choose your favorite below ....
  4. Choose the saddest ....
  5. What do you like more ?
  6. Have you watched guardians of the galaxy ?
  7. If you watched it , did you enjoy it ?
  8. Almost done ....... Hope you are happy with your results .......
  9. Did you like this quiz ?
  10. Will you comment or rate ?

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Quiz topic: What guardians of the galaxy character am I ?