What Gravity falls character are you? By Manny

Lets see what Gravity falls character are you. These 11 questions will answer if you are Dipper, Mabel, Wendy,Soos, Grunkle Stan or Bill cipher.Have fun!

A world of monsters. A small town in Oregon full of strange mysterious stuff. Play this quiz to see what Gravity falls character are you? Hope you like the quiz.

Created by: Manny
  1. Male of Female?
  2. Good or evil?
  3. Are you. . .
  4. would you rather live in. . .
  5. do you believe in weird creatures?
  6. You here a odd sound one night and nobody is around you what do you do?
  7. What power would you want?
  8. What is your age?
  9. What would you eat?
  10. Question? Who defeated Bill?
  11. Last question. Have you seen Gravity falls TV show.

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Quiz topic: What Gravity falls character am I? By Manny