what goth are you

there are many diffrent types of goths in this world and they are all very much similar but they diffare in some key places in style, life style and attitude

so what type of goth are you? are you a very dark and brooding goth or maybe a "spooky kid" a young new comer to the sub cultre or perhaps you are more into a rave then a mosh? or you may just be........ an emo

Created by: anthony
  1. if i were to step into youre world and listen to you music for a day what bands or singers would i i find
  2. what colour is youre hair died?
  3. what are you most likle to wear?
  4. who is youre favorite film director?
  5. is there a large small or diffrence between goth and emo
  6. what would you wnat to do every friday night?
  7. what do you love?
  8. do you wear make up? (regardless of gender)
  9. would you say to someone if they asked yes i am a goth
  10. do you wear a cross?
  11. what is youre stance on those t shrts that have random writting on them egzample: this aint a disco

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Quiz topic: What goth am I