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  • what god/goddess are you?
    Your Result: Aphrodite 86%

    Aphrodite is the goddess of love,buety,and joy.her sacred animals are dove,sparrow,swan,a nd hare.she loves Ares and their child a mix of war and love is harmonia goddess of harmony and Eros a winged cupid who accompanies Aphrodite whereever she goes with his bow and arrowsof love.

    50% demeter
    46% hera (sorry if your a boy)
    44% Apollo
    30% zues (sorry if your a girl)
    19% poseidon (sorry if your a girl)
    12% athena
    11% Hermes
    10% artemis
    0% ares

  • Okay... I got Poseidon. It's a nice quiz but you may want to work on your spelling and grammar ;)


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