What game fits you?

There are a million of onine games around,but there are 3 games that are having contest to eachother all the time. The legends WoW,Runescape and Club pengiun.Who fits you?

You have 3 characters. one in WoW,one in Runescape and one in Club penguin and ALL are one of the best.Are you scared of doing wrong with it? Then this quiz is the deal.

Created by: Petter tvete jacobsen
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you would change a game,what would be most important?
  2. You have the choose of walking,running fast or just get transported to a other place,What would you choose?
  3. Someone have just given you a offer but you got to choose one of these.What 1?
  4. A guy says you must give away 2 of your characters would you choose=
  5. A friend comes and ask for come out.What would you say?
  6. You got kids! And they got birthday.Would you give..
  7. You must go to the mall.But some1 offers you something FREE! Would you choose..
  8. You and your girlfriend will go on cinema,and some1 will give you a skilled account,Would you...
  9. Are you bored of this quiz? What else do you want to do?
  10. This is the final. Did i waste your time?

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