What fruit are you/

Sorrrrry that there is no Question markand just / in the title. Anyway, thank you and i dont know what to say........................................

Wich Fruit are YOU??? Ready to find out? well take this awesome 12 question Quiz to find it out! Thank you for taking interest in my quiz by clicking on the title! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Lex

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  1. Are you tough on the outside but very sensitive on the inside??
  2. Do you enjoy fun and adventure?
  3. fav color combo? ( outtta these )
  4. Are you different?
  5. Do you have hair that gets in your way?
  6. A bully walks up to your best friend and tells them to give them the money in their pockets. you....
  7. What Fuit would you prefer to be? ( outta These )
  8. Where would you rather shop at For clothes? Yes it matters
  9. Do you have a stong core? if it does not apply to you because you are to young, choose N/A.
  10. Are you ready to know??

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