What frozen character are you like?

This is a test to see which Frozen character you are most like. Elsa, Anna, christoff, Olaf, Hans, or marshmallow. Each of these fun characters will either match with you, or be the opposite of you.

While taking the test, depending on what answer you choose, it will give you points on how much you are alike to each of the characters. The answers are similar to the character's personalities. So if you think like Olaf, you will most likely get a higher score under olaf's name.

Created by: Jada
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  1. Do you like winter
  2. Are you good at ice skating
  3. Are you close with your siblings
  4. Do you like blizzards
  5. Are you a good dancer
  6. Do you like reindeer
  7. Do you go for the villains or good guys
  8. Who do you hope you are
  9. Do you like white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate
  10. Do you like white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate

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Quiz topic: What frozen character am I like?