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  • Your Result: Owl 84%

    You are smart, wise, and defensive. You eat weird things as well but true friends won't mind that. You love to tell people about storys and learn about new things fro the future. Weak things get on you're nerves but you're heartwill take over and you will help them always. You have knowledge on everything and mostof the time know whats right. Keep this up and you will fly to the top :

  • You are fast, weak, and positive. You're able to run really fast away from people but when you take a hit you will be out cold. You are very weak and defensless but other people defend you. Everybody loves you because you're so positive and cheerfull but not so brave. It may take time for you to find love but it will come just use you're good traits and try tobe brave. You're a deer friend :)

    im not weak! i have my sharp nails! but thts it :P

  • Im a wolf. Not a stupid deer, so i guess this quiz is inaccurate. No offense to the quiz owner, because i got deer.

  • I dont eat weird things.

    any way you know that you are my best friend and I cant saty mad at well see you soon. love ya


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