What FNaF Animatronic Am I

This quiz isn't normal. It has barely any god questions. But the results are very accurate. TAKE THIS QUIZ AT YOUR OWN RISK. And shejdhjehehdhejdjjdndjdudisjsjsb

WARNINGS: if your allergic to bananas don't take this quiz. If you want a long quiz that's not funny then take a different quiz. But the results you get are very accurate.

Created by: FennecWolfie_Paw

  1. There's a conversation happening right beside you, do you get dragged in or do you join it yourself?
  2. How scared are you?
  3. What's your fave food?
  4. Banana
  5. What causes traffic jams
  6. Ok, ok, last weird question. If you were a piece of grass, where would you be?
  7. How much did you enjoy this quiz?
  8. Night at Wilbur's or Five Nights At Freddy's 2
  9. Ok! That's the end.
  10. No.

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