What Flavor Are You?

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Ever Wondered What Your Soul Might Taste Like? Take This Quiz To Find Out What Delicious (Or Not-So-Delicious Depending If You Like it OR Not)Flavor You Are.

This Quiz Was Created By SilverMoon As Her 5th Quiz She Is The Creator Of How Well Do YOU Know Harry Potter And The Co-Creator Of Both What Fandom Should You Be In. And What Person/Thing Are You in Harry Potter.

Created by: SilverMoon
  1. Do Prefer To Be Alone Or In Small Groups?
  2. Preferred Activity?
  3. Favorite Type Of Weather?
  4. Favorite Color?
  5. Have Any Siblings?
  6. Which Job Would You Like To Have The Most?
  7. How Do You Dress?
  8. How Many Friends Do You Have?
  9. Choose a Smiley
  10. Have A Romance?

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Quiz topic: What Flavor am I?