What fantasy siries should you read

Do you like fantasy or did you just start realizing it’s cool ?either way I have a quiz for you take this quiz so you know what to read . You don’t have to thank me

You might be good for Harry Potter the book where British people say nonsense or the lord of the rings where a wedding gift must be destroyed for the greater good or Percy Jackson where someone steals a mythological object

Created by: Grace

  1. What is your favorite bird
  2. There is a fantasy monster that is going to eat you what weapon do you take to defend yourself
  3. What is that monster
  4. Soul eating creatures are trying to eat your soul what do you do
  5. A Dagon wants to destroy your homeland and everyone in it what do you do
  6. You are on a ship and a siren is trying to sink the ship
  7. What is your hometown like
  8. What is the longest time you been away from there
  9. How would you describe your best friend
  10. What is your worst fear
  11. How old are you
  12. What was the first form of fantasy ever

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Quiz topic: What fantasy siries should I read