What fantasy race best suits me?

Did you ever wonder where you fit into high fantasy genres, but felt other quizzes were leading you into one direction or another? I've taken the time to create a personality profile that avoids overreaching genres and loaded answers.

This quiz was specially designed to give few hints as to the outcome of your selection, so answering truthfully is easy! You may be surprised to find you're secretly a High Elf when you thought yourself a Dwarf!

Created by: nikolai
  1. Do you enjoy being outdoors?
  2. Do you prefer sunlight, moonlight, or firelight?
  3. You prefer to live in a home made from:
  4. How highly do you value personal wealth?
  5. Which comes first; yourself, or your group?
  6. Do you have compassion for others?
  7. I need alcohol:
  8. War is best approached:
  9. How much do you appreciate art and beauty?
  10. The highest people in your society are the:
  11. How important is keeping your word?
  12. How communal is your society?

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