What Fantasy Class are YOU!?

Theres all different kinds of fantasy stories, characters, clases etc. This one will give you an over-view of what fantasy would suit you best. from the posh, to the poor. These clases are jobs/lifestyles in the fantasy comunity and way of life.

Who are you, whats you point of life, how do you treet people. Are you up for the chalange to see wheter or not you are a cool one or a fool one. Now your only a few minutes away from finding out.

Created by: peter skager
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would be your favourite fighting weapon?
  2. If the pub you were in would be mugged by some goblin-pack, you would...
  3. Wich of these movies do you like the best. Special efects, story, characters, etc.
  4. what physical form are you in
  5. how do you look at life?
  6. Which of these do .YOU. own: Sterio, Car, Tv, Microwave, Computer, Power-generator, Fridge, Oven, Stove, Air-plane, Mansion, Garden, Driveway. OBS. if you have more than one of a thing, it counts as more, ex. 2computers.
  7. Do you like to tincker with cars, computers, machines etc.?
  8. As a final question. You find your self in a cave, knocked out and drowzy. As you wake up by a slight dripple of the water from the cealing, you motice that your...
  9. and you start scavenging your way around. When you cant find your stuff, you ...
  10. If you came out the cave alive the first thing at your TO DO LIST would be...

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Quiz topic: What Fantasy Class am I!?