What Famous Race-horse are you

Horses Have been apart of Humans Lives for Years.Horse Racing Is a Popular sport when trainers race Thoroughbreds to race and compete and to see who is the best.

Which famous horse are you??? Find out if you don't know~ You can find out in a few short minutes! Take this exiting quiz and change yourself! Tell all your friends you are who you are!

Created by: Karla

  1. Are you a fast runner
  2. Are you a fast runner
  3. Are you famous in your "area"?
  4. Are you Popular?
  5. Do you like Money?
  6. What is you favorite animal?
  7. What is your hobbie?
  8. Do you like watching the horse-racing?
  9. Are you a fan of Horses?
  10. Um...so How are you today?

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