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  • Wow!! Fab I got lesbian angel Ellen Degeneres!!!! ♡ 🏼

    Gfnextdoorwindow Aug 8 '18, 7:58AM
  • Wow!!
    i got tammy lynn michaels . She's exactly gorgeous :*

    jemah jempot Apr 21 '18, 1:02PM
  • Portia well then XD didn't see that happening.

    CiCiRyder Nov 30 '14, 3:06PM
  • ^-^ Ellen Degeneres

    The Red Rose Aug 29 '14, 8:13AM
  • I'm not lesbian I just wanted to see who I would get ;) I got Ellen Degeneres

    AlyssaMissa10 Jul 21 '14, 2:15AM
  • I'm not lesbian I just wanted to see who I would get ;) I got Ellen Degeneres

    AlyssaMissa10 Jul 21 '14, 2:15AM
  • Katherine Moennig, I havent heard of her but will type her up. Nice quiz :D

    Shereen May 20 '11, 5:12PM
  • Your Result: K D Lang
    You're earthy, crunchy, a little dykey and people like you. You're artistic and talented and you are a diehard vegetarian. No meat will ever touch those precious lips of yours!

    Christs Child Feb 19 '11, 6:54PM
  • XD @ this quiz

    i got ellen

    Hunteriscool Jan 25 '11, 3:22PM
  • Katherine Moenning!! YES I LOVED her in Young Americans..and I'm gaga for her now..great quiz!~__~ gah Katherine is so awesome.

    KitHon Jul 27 '10, 4:32PM
  • 100% rosie o'donnell lol my mum says I'm just like her

    Jensim95 Jul 7 '10, 5:34AM
  • I got Katherine Moennig as well :D

    MyahCano Jul 1 '10, 3:20PM
  • Sweet..I am just like Ellen DeGeneres...I have heard that we dance alike!!

    ehatcher2305 Jan 31 '10, 12:39PM
  • Got Portia di Rossi, which is fabulous. The Rosie is my second, which is a bit strange.

    kifda Jan 6 '10, 10:57PM
  • woo yea! kate moennig! i can relate, i do look a little like her. lol she is sexy.

    Bandit19 Jul 31 '09, 5:56PM
  • I got Melissa Ethridge, and then my second one was Ellen..I love Ellen...Katherine Moennig was my like, 4th or 5th:(...That sucks, that babe is my other lesbian idol!...It's her and Ellen that I REALLY love:P...(I used to be obsessed with Melissa Ethridge...But not anymore:P...LOL!)

    crazzy77girl Jun 23 '09, 1:11PM
  • I got Katherine Moennig which is great because she is my idol and the sexiest person on earth! You should know that wether or not she's a lesbian is a mystery though. She's keeping it a secret from the public. So we can only hope that she is. Despite that this is a really awesome quiz!

    Elle Feb 10 '09, 5:46AM
  • good questions

    skimmer Mar 2 '08, 12:31PM
  • fabulous I am Ellen DeGeneres

    muzza Feb 24 '08, 7:09PM

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