what erin hunter warrior cat are you?

wha are warriors? well they are brave cats who live in the forest and were created by the author erin hunter. theyu fight and live hrdcore nothing can stop them.

so you want to be a warrior cat? well take this quiz and end up eing one of 1,000 warrior cats!!! maybbe you will be a hero or a cat who ambitions will take over your loyalty.

Created by: lonewolf781

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. did you like the warriors into the wild?
  2. are you a good child?
  3. what color would you like your pelt to be?
  4. what colour would you like your eyes to be?
  5. if you caught prey and brought it home what would you want it to be?
  6. if shadow clan was attacking your clan while you were opn hunting patrol what would you do?
  7. you see a kittypet on your territory what do you do?
  8. a fox broke into the nusrey and your mate is in there and nursing kits!!!
  9. are you enjoying this quiz?
  10. would you kill your leader so you could become leader?

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Quiz topic: What erin hunter warrior cat am I?