what element suits you

thare are many elements, but their are four main elements. they act as earth's personalities. and earth's personalities can be worn on a human also.

are you a living on earth? are you feeling mad? do you stay calm? well,if you answered any of these questions at all, then you qualify for this quiz.

Created by: kristy

  1. what is your fav. color?
  2. how mad do you get at people?
  3. what type of food do you eat?
  4. what is your favorite activity?
  5. what season best fits you
  6. what is your fav. movie
  7. what is your fav. type of dance
  8. what color is hair?
  9. what color are your eyes?
  10. was this quiz fun? (will not effect outcome of this quiz

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Quiz topic: What element suits me