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  • What Element Represents You?
    Your Result: Air

    Air represents you! You are outgoing sometimes but mostly stick to yourself or your close friends. You don't need any of that center of attention stuff nor do you want it. You are happy with what you have. You make a good friend as long as you have someone to keep to on the ground. Don't be an air-head. Bum dum bum chih!


  • Water

    Water represents you! You are quiet and shy, but have fun in your own way. You can be good at sports and can be a good friend. Remember not to overthink things and you'll be fine. Make rash decisions sometimes, loosen up. And remember to go with the flow. Bum dum bum Chih!


    Sarah Soda Slim
  • Dude, Fire totally describes me!! I wish I could be a fire elemental, that would be so badass!!

  • Air! The description was PERFECT! Haha...


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