What element are you?

This is basically a quiz that will show you what your element is. There are 7 different elements. I will not say them to you because that would defeat the whole purpose of this quiz.

One more thing: if you get something that you dont like, just know that im not sorry. After all, it was you who decided to play this quiz. So cry about it. Or not. I dont care.

Created by: a weird kid i guess
  1. What positive word best describes you?
  2. Whats Your favorite color? if yours isnt on here then pick the option you like best
  3. whats one of your flaws
  4. Pick a deadly sin
  5. which of these catches your attention the most
  6. pick a flavor.
  7. Final question, finally: which of these book series seem most appealing to you?
  8. I have to add these other questions because of stupid policy. SORRRYYYYYY :(
  9. pen cap

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Quiz topic: What element am I?