What element are you?

There are lots of different elements but this quiz has only six options. Are you fire, water, air, earth, light, or darkness? And ya I know that there are like a million quizzes like this but I did not copy anyone and I wanted to make a quiz like this.

So, are YOU ready to find out what element you are? Note: this quiz may not be 100% accerate so if you don't get the result you want or of it doesnt describe you, don't criticize me. Now what are you waiting for? Take this quiz!

Created by: harpusrox7
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What element do you like best?
  2. How do you prefer it to be when your outside?
  3. Which color combo is your favorite? (pick from these choices)
  4. Which describes you best?
  5. What season is your favorite?
  6. Are you emotional?
  7. Pick an emotion (choose carefully)
  8. What is your element? (according to your starsign)
  9. What superpower do you want?
  10. Which do you like best?

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Quiz topic: What element am I?