What Dragon Type Are You?

Witch Dragon Suits You Is It The Most Fierce And Scariest One Or Is It Just A Weak Small One Well You Can Find Out In This Multi-Result Quiz!!!!!!!!!.

Are You More Kind To Dragons Or More Bossy To Them You Can Answer That And Find Out If What Your Doing Is Right Depends On Witch Dragon You Want Just Try

Created by: TrollMan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If You Would Go Out And Left Your Dragon Alone Where Would You Leave It?
  2. If You Sold Your Dragon Who Would You Sell it to?
  3. Do You Like To Party With Alot Of People?
  4. How Will You Talk To Your Dragon?
  5. How High Will You Fly With Your Dragon?
  6. Will You Put Your Dragon In A Dragon Race?
  7. How High Would You Want Your Dragon To Be?
  8. What Special Feature Would You Want Your Dragon To Have?
  9. How Often Would You Go On A Fly With Your Dragon?
  10. Whats Your Name

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Quiz topic: What Dragon Type am I?