What doki doki literature club character are you?

Welcome to Doki Doki literature review!!XD it's a quiz/test to see who you are of course!!I bet you can't wait to see who you are and what you do!!good luck, and may your wishes come true.

Yu could be sayori,natsuki,Yuri,or MoNikA.sayoris aloof and kooky, natsuki sweet and cutesy, yuir is deep and brooding, monikas brains and beauty.XDhope you will enjoy this quiz ,or hope you enjoyed this quiz please like if you liked the quiz, duh makes no sense right?I make no sense.bye-natsuki doki doki

Created by: KatlikesDokidoki

  1. Fav color?
  2. Choose a food.
  3. Pick a hair accessorie
  4. Choose one
  5. I know this so short, sorry xD
  6. I know this so short, sorry xD
  7. Yeet XD
  8. Why did you take this quiz?
  9. How much of a fan of Doki Doki literature club are u?
  10. What do you want goodbye!!

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Quiz topic: What doki doki literature club character am I?