What dog pack rank an I?

Welcome to my quiz! This is my first one so thank you for choosing it! In this quiz you will be asked questions ( obviously! ) to see if you are an alpha, beta, hunter, patrol, omega, elder, or loner.

Yes you can be an elder or a loner! I know it's weird but there are elders and loner in packs. ( well liners are not in packs ) I really hope you enjoy! Have fun!

Created by: Britta
  1. Are you above the age of 10?
  2. Are you the leader of your group of friends
  3. Do you think omega is an important job?
  4. If you were a dog would you be half wolf half dog?
  5. Is this quiz bad? ( this has no effect on your result )
  6. Are you...
  7. If you were in a pack do you think you would be...
  8. Is keeping the pack strong and healthy important enough to you that you would breed with a random dog or wolf?
  9. Would your mat be a wolf? ( this does not effect your result )
  10. Your pack was low on food. Your an omega so your not allowed to hunt. You smell a deer. Would you hunt it?
  11. Final question! If there was a human would you protect your pack and die for it?

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