What does your handwriting say about you?

Analyzing somebody's handwriting can reveal the hidden inner workings of their personality. Take this quiz, and find out what your true personality is. have you got neat handwriting? Sloppy? Are your letter spiked, or rounded?

This quiz is interesting because you can almost tell already what someone is like by their hndwriting, but there are other ways you have never taken into account before. So... try it out!

Created by: Stardust

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  1. Is your handwriting neat?
  2. How big is your handwriting?
  3. Are your letters round?
  4. Slopes left or right?
  5. Flowing or joined up?
  6. I'm confident about my handwriting.
  7. Do you dot your i's with circles or dots?
  8. Good at writing in cursive?
  9. During school projects, are you asked to be the one to write the report by hand or type it?
  10. Last question: Can you read your own handwriting?

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Quiz topic: What does my handwriting say about you?