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  • December

    Turquoise is the birthstone for December-born people. Turquoise is believed to bring happiness and good luck to the wearer. Turquoise signifies success. You are a smart person. You generally achieve what you strive for. You are good at relationships. You are open about your thoughts. You are a caring and kind person

    Wow! This is accurate! I searched on every site and it says almost the exact thing! Like for example:

    "Your birthstone represents SUCCESS! Anything you put your mind to works out well, including moneymaking ventures. Defeat is not in your vocabulary"

    popb omb9
    P.S. Take mah quizzes!

  • August

    Peridot is the birthstone for August-born people. Peridot is belived to keep the wearer from evil and help improve relationships. Peridot signifies friendship. You are a jolly person. You are generally successful in whatever you do. You have a creative bent of mind. You friends adore your nature.

    I am evil o.o and im not a jolly person bleh!

  • Opal is the birthstone for October-born people. Opal is belived to bring beauty and happiness to the wearer. Opal signifies hope. You are very talented. You love to try out new things. You are known for your optimistic spirit. You do not show your angry side too often. You are a friendly person.

    Not really.

  • Sapphire is the brithstone for september-born people. Sapphire is belived to bring peace and wisdom to the wearer. Sapphire signifies truth. You are an achiever. You are industrious in whatever you do. You are mentally strong. You become emotional at times but do not show it. yeah that describes me but i'm not that much of a peaceful person... i'm actually pretty crazy lol

  • Im june: pearl. Theres another birthstone for june too which is alexandrite but is rare. So i have two birthstones basically. The fun humorous person that it says it represents is only my outer shell. On the inside is a dark, sad person. But i am intelligent.

  • I'm june and my birthstone is pearl. It's kind of accurate I think :)

  • thats me!


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