What does Penelope Huggins think of you?

Penelope Huggins is a witch at Hogwarts. I got her on a quiz on quotev, and she is a bright young witch whose parents were killed by death eaters when she was seven.

Because of that, she is adopted by her old and grumpy uncle, uncle Jerry. I am writing a diary about her going to Hogwarts, and Violet Dedalus is her secret friend.

Created by: Penelope

  1. What house are you in? (Don’t worry, Penelope is quite friendly!)
  2. Role play: You see Pansy tormenting Penelope in that hall. She uses the cruciatous curse!
  3. OK, what do you think of Penelope Huggins?
  4. Fav core class?
  5. Fav elective?
  6. Favourite teacher? (Not including DADA teachers that’s next)
  7. Which teacher was best for DADA?
  8. Harry Potter books or movies?
  9. What do you think of Bellatrix Lestrange
  10. Finally, what do you think of Violet Dedalus

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