What do you think about...?

Okay here is a tip i made this quiz just to how much people know me i can not wait....to be suprised for the number of people that do know me,have fun playing and

Incase you find some questions stupid just answer....to tell you the truth this is my very first quiz sooooo once again have fun answering my quiy.Thankz

Created by: Sharon Lewis

  1. Which is my fullname?
  2. Who's my fav musician?
  3. What grade am i?
  4. What's my hair colour?
  5. My fav place to be
  6. If i have 2 friends and one is dating my crush what would i do?
  7. Who's my celeb crush?
  8. How am i?
  9. Would i...
  10. How was my quiz?

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Quiz topic: What do I think about...?