What do you know about Wings of Fire?

There are many smart people, right? However you need to be exceptional to get genius on "Wings of Fire". Are you that smart or are you not, find out now.

Are you a genius? "Wings of Fire" books are highly informing and SOME fantasy. Thanks to this quiz you can find out how intelligent you really are! Remember try again if you don't do well!

Created by: Kelsey
  1. In book 1 what kingdom were the dragonets first captured in?
  2. In book 1 where did the dragonets grow up?
  3. In book 2 what is Queen Coral's first daughter's name?
  4. In book 1 what is the dragonet's SeaWing guard's name under the mountain?
  5. In book 3 what are the RainWing's pets?
  6. In book 4 what is Starflight's crush's name?
  7. What dragon species are not included in the original Dragonet Prophecy?
  8. What are the dragonet's name's and species?
  9. What is the title for book 5?
  10. In book 4 what does Starflight find in the collapsed part of the NightWing island?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Wings of Fire?