Dragon. Dragonet prophecy. MudWing RainWing NightWing SeaWing SandWing IceWing SkyWing morrow seer clay tsunami glory starflight sunny kestrel coral anemone

this paragraph had been typed and retuned over and over again because apparently it is not supposed to contain "gibberish or repeating characters" why won't this website accept that I'm lazy?

Created by: Tardissoul

  1. Which dragonet has immediate royal lineage?
  2. Which dragonet cannot breath/spit something in self defense
  3. How did Kestrel die?
  4. Which dragon tribe is "lazy and uninvolved with the war"
  5. What color scales typically means a RainWing is happy
  6. What color was Clay's egg
  7. How do you stop RainWing poison
  8. What was the last thing Tsunami said to Riptide in The Lost Heir
  9. Who was the RainWing queen Glory challenged
  10. what was the name of the NightWing that delivered the prophecy?

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